Life with a Plug-In Prius, 1300 miles on a tank of gas

Prius-owner ‘Dave’ recently had his car converted to a plug-in and is documenting his mileage and gas usage (pointed out by Calcars). He drives over 60 miles a day, and just drove 1,307 miles on his last tank of gas. Whoa! And he only needs 9.578 gallons to fill his tank — that equals 136.45mpg notes Calcars. Sorry Liz, efficient driving can’t compete with a plug in your wall.

Last week Toyota confirmed that it has developed a plug-in hybrid car, which it will test on roads in Japan. Other car manufacturers, GM and Ford, are considering plug-in hybrids options too. There are several companies that offer conversions of hybrids into plug-ins, and Dave’s conversion was done via Hybrids-Plus in Boulder, Colorado.