In the Lab: Hydrogen, Cooking Fuel


University researchers are tinkering over hydrogen and clean cooking fuel this week. Here’s three examples of the latest green research taking place on campus labs around the world:

Hydrogen Storage: An international team of researchers working out of the University of the Basque Country in northern Spain, are using nanotechnology (carbon nanohorns) to attack one of the main problems of using hydrogen as an alternative fuel—figuring out how to store it safely and affordably —

Ultraclean Combustion: At Berkeley Lab, researchers are working on an ultra-low emissions combustion technology that can use pure hydrogen as fuel. That could prevent millions of tons of carbon and thousands of tons of NOx coming from power plants each year, according to the release. — release.

Eco Cooking Fuel: A team of MIT students is working to bring affordable, environmentally friendly cooking fuel to developing countries. The technique, which won $30k seed funding in the MIT $100k Entrepreneurship Competition, offers a simple way to make charcoal briquettes from organic material such as sugarcane waste — release.

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