Bluetooth SIG approves 2.1 + EDR spec



The 30-foot wireless network expands, not in range, but in features thanks to the Bluetooth SIG adopting the draft for version 2.1 we saw back in March. Simplified pairing and optimized power are in the new version; the power attribute alone could increase battery life for up to five times over current Bluetooth peripherals. According to the official press release, companies like "Broadcom, CSR, Infineon and Texas Instruments will have Bluetooth v2.1+ EDR chips available immediately and that the first products will follow by the end of the year." Better battery life and easier pairing? Sounds like a match made in heaven. If you don’t believe me, check out Andru Edwards as he demonstrates the new v2.1+ EDR in this GearLive video. At the end of the vid you can see photo transfers via both Bluetooth v2 and the new v2.1; the newer spec in this example was nearly 100% faster!

(via Phone Scoop)

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