Tuesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Amazon To Sell Historic Footage; will digitize National Archives. (Washington Post)

More Video Producers Using Own Websites; Mefeedia notes 61 percent of its video feeds now coming from independent websites, compared to 57 percent in March. (company blog)

Swarmcast Does Live HD Streaming; will try to find sports and entertainment customers for new product. (release)

New Client-free BitTorrent Applet; TorrentFreak calls BitLet “cute.” (TorrentFreak, site)

One Hundred IPTV Channels; find something new to watch. (Daily IPTV)

Fall TV Pilots Leaked Online; NBC’s Bionic Woman, ABC’s Pushing Daisies, and the CW’s Reaper already available to downloaders. (TVWeek)

Action Engine Raises $20 million; mobile video client maker has gotten $65 million in total funding. Also, ExpoTV said it had added money for its UGC video product reviews from DFJ Gotham Ventures. (Seattle PI, release)