Toshiba R500 gets lighter with 64 GB SSD drive


Toshiba_portege_r500_ssdThe original Toshiba R500 announcement hinted at an SSD option in the future, and it looks like the future is now. The lightweight 12.1-inch notebook with LED backlit screen is now available with a flash-based drive and not just a skimpy 32 GB unit: Toshiba went right to the 64 GB flavor which is about the minimum that’s truly practical for an everyday laptop. Make no mistake, you’ll pay pretty penny for a hard drive that’s power efficient and has no moving parts: the lowest priced pre-configured R500 with SSD starts at $2,699.

That gets your foot in the door, but leaves out a few items that you may want. You’ll only get 1 GB of RAM and the optical drive is an option as well. I could do without the optical drive, but I’d opt for another GB of memory even though the unit comes with Windows XP Profressional and not Vista. Even with the power savings of the SSD, the 3-cell battery might leave you wanting for juice, so an addition battery might be worth considering. In any case, a 64 GB SSD option is right on the money; order now and expect to see it within four to five weeks.

(via Small Laptops and Notebooks)

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