Shuffle Earbuds Come Up Short

I’ve got two iPods, an 80GB 5G and a 1GB 2G Shuffle. When I’m really crankin’, I’ll walk around my office with my 5G while I grab coffee, water or my lunch.

But today as I made my coffee run with the 5G in my pocket, my earbuds tugged at my head, like the cord was too short. For a second I thought my jeans had deeper pockets or I was much more tired than I had originally thought, but then realized that I must have switched the sets of earbuds. A quick side by side comparison confirmed my suspicion:

earbuds_length.jpg After a rough measure, I found out that the Shuffle cord was about 8 inches shorter. Of course it makes perfect sense given the potential placement of the Shuffle on someone’s clothing, but it’s interesting to know that 8 was the magic number. Holding the two side by side doesn’t seem like it would make that great a difference, but it does.

Taller folks considering a Shuffle should take note – if you’re waistline iPod wearer like me (I can’t stand to wear it anywhere else), you’re probably going to want to use the earbuds from another iPod, or something 3rd party. I’m 6 foot 4, and it seems that the Shuffle earbuds aren’t going to work for me.


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