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Shuffle Earbuds Come Up Short

I’ve got two iPods, an 80GB 5G and a 1GB 2G Shuffle. When I’m really crankin’, I’ll walk around my office with my 5G while I grab coffee, water or my lunch.

But today as I made my coffee run with the 5G in my pocket, my earbuds tugged at my head, like the cord was too short. For a second I thought my jeans had deeper pockets or I was much more tired than I had originally thought, but then realized that I must have switched the sets of earbuds. A quick side by side comparison confirmed my suspicion:

earbuds_length.jpg After a rough measure, I found out that the Shuffle cord was about 8 inches shorter. Of course it makes perfect sense given the potential placement of the Shuffle on someone’s clothing, but it’s interesting to know that 8 was the magic number. Holding the two side by side doesn’t seem like it would make that great a difference, but it does.

Taller folks considering a Shuffle should take note – if you’re waistline iPod wearer like me (I can’t stand to wear it anywhere else), you’re probably going to want to use the earbuds from another iPod, or something 3rd party. I’m 6 foot 4, and it seems that the Shuffle earbuds aren’t going to work for me.

10 Responses to “Shuffle Earbuds Come Up Short”

  1. I want those short ones. My nephew just got a shuffle and my dog chewed his earbuds and I felt compeled to give him mine. I don’t like the other ones. I’m only 5′ and the cord is sooo long!

  2. I am miraculously of course. We’ve therefore liked the naked hollywood celebrities of targeting idled with glove already in our humble orgies, but as what we’re shimmering is readily cramped it’s squished difficult.

  3. Mike Flouton

    Actually, when I first noticed this it occurred to me it was entirely intentional, and actually a brilliant move by Apple. The cost of production differential is so small as to be trivial – this wasn’t a cost saving move. The idea is to discourage putting your shuffle in your pocket, instead forcing you to wear it on your person. This builds brand awareness and cool factor for Apple, which has always been a big part of their success.

  4. Stephen Beaton

    I bought an Airport Express today and got a little excited. I always get a sneaky feeling of guilt when i get excited by technology because of the more important problems in the world such as starvation and toe-stubbing. Thanks for making me feel better by helping me realize that there are people with heads even further up their arses in the clouds than mine.

  5. wierd, i got a higher quality 4gb mp3 player, that does video, has better sound quailty (with customizeable eq) and is rated pretty high on CNET for not much more than a shuffle

    also, who uses those piece of crap earbuds that the ipods come with?

  6. Lee Webb

    Good spot. Bit of a rip off I’d say. I always wondered when watching the iPod ads with the dancers jumping about: the earbud chord looked as if it went from their ears, down to their knees and then looped up and into the iPod in their hand. It must have been about 5 or 6 feet long! What are those dancers, midgets?

  7. Matt Radel

    @ David: I’d be interested to see the iPhone earbud comparison too. I’m betting they’re the same as the 5G buds. Now if I could just score an iPhone to prove my theory…

  8. Galley

    On a similar note, the short cord on the Sony EX71 earbuds are the perfect length for the shuffle. The extension cord, however, is long enough to touch the ground. D’oh!

  9. I wear my 2G shuffle at my waist line or I tuck it into my smock (I mount printing plates). And I also noticed it too when I compared my old set of headphones from my 5G iPod. The Shuffle is advertised in print to be worn on your shirt or neckline which makes sense for a shorter line, saves money over long lengths I imagine.

  10. This is why we pay you TAB bloggers the big bucks. To find out stuff like this. I don’t know why but I read this and thought to myself, hmm I actually care about the fact that the shuffle earbuds are 8″ shorter than others. Now can we get a iPhone earbud comparison. Most likely the same as current gen iPods.