HP awards another $2.5m in grants, Tablet PCs to schools


HplogoIt was a few short months ago that HP awarded over $7.5 million in grants, Tablet PCs and other computing equipment to 172 schools. Proving that they’re not a "one hit wonder", the company just doled out another $2.5 million to another 25 educational institutions today. 15 K-12 schools are receiving grants and goods worth $1.2m each, including 11 Tablet PCs and ten digital cameras, printers and projectors. Higher education isn’t overlooked though: 10 colleges and universities are HP recipients of similar packages as well.

Think this doesn’t help your local community? I figured that I wouldn’t recognize any of the awardees, but to my surprise, I see that my local county college is one of the ten higher education facilities. Congrats to Montgomery County Community College here in Pennsy, and well done HP, well done. I’ll have to swing by Montco and see if they got the new HP 2710p!

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