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The site says its downloadable power-saving software has helped its users save over a million KWh. How so? It’s an application created by Malta-based software company Uniblue Systems, which optimizes your PC’s power consumption through what it says is a “more effective” power saving mode.

Newer energy-efficient laptops are already starting to offer better power saving settings, and version 4 of Energy Star says that an Energy Star-labeled computer must be shipped with a computer’s sleep mode set to 30 minutes and a display’s sleep mode set for 15 minutes.

We’re not sure how much “more effective” Localcooling’s power saving application is than what you’re probably using now. But the company says if you leave your PC on with just a screen saver, you’re using “up to 280 watts per hour of wasted power.” The site says that the app saves power by either turning off your screen, putting your hard drive to sleep when you’re not using it, or shutting down your PC when you are away.

Perhaps more than the size of the saving, the software provides a lot detailed information about your PC’s power consumption and gives you some more control over your settings. The more transparent the better!

One of the more fun aspects is that the application shows its users their power saving data through realtime stats. Everytime the software helps you save, it updates your savings in environmental terms like trees and gallons of oil. Even if you’re not saving significantly more than your current computer power savings setting, you can still feel good about it.

The homepage also includes a list of the top-saving companies, teams and individual using the software. A social network through power saving? The web site writes: “Without the community effect of LocalCooling the project will have a much smaller chance to make a big impact.”

LocalCooling is only available for Window XP (so that’s why we havent done a detailed review quite yet). Has anyone tried LocalCooling? What do you think?

2 Responses to “EcoWeb Tool:”

  1. I just tryed out this little piece of software, and honistly, I never knew my pc used up that much power.

    The hibernation mode is great, I didn’t even know it existed. I thought it was just another name for standby but it’s diffrent, it actually saves your currently running operating systems and shuts it down, when you press the on button, it powers up and resumes your session.

    I suggest it to any and all people who actually give a dang about the little planet their living on.