Coffee break- Starbucks at night




Starbucks is definitely a totally different atmosphere at night. I’m working nights this week and also stopped by last night at 10:30 to grap a trip cinnamon dolce latte. Made me feel old looking at all the young people gathered there. Maybe I can wow a young chick with my Iphone. :)

JK's Wife

I’m questioning your motive in introducing the women to the tablet…….Oh, and the inking-only ink when writing me a check! Love you, mean it!

JK's Wife

I’m questioning your motive in introducing the women to the tablet…….Oh, and the inking-only ink when writing me a check! Love you, mean it!


**JK deleted this as it referred to a comment he made earlier and since removed due to complaints.**

Anyway, rather than introduce them to a Tablet PC, if they all have Treos you might want to introduce them to Palm Marketing.

Btw, my vote is to nix the ink on the blog.


Most of the content of your blog I read with great interest… however, when you post like this… you’re assuming that everyone wants to take the time to “breakdown” your handwriting. My handwriting wouldn’t be much better than yours… So I spare the potential reader the agony of having to solve puzzles every time I post in ink.

Unfortunately, I’m getting to the point where I’m just moving on to another post… There is plenty of other content out there. This seems opposite of what you’re trying to do, or why post?

My question is… Doesn’t your tablet, UMPC, or SmartPhone have handwriting recognition, where it can recognize your handwriting and convert to text? Or you do use it… and just like the rest of us… it is having a difficult time deciphering?

James Kendrick

Gee, you guys are going to hurt my feedings. :) I only do ink posts when they are going to be short and I’m trying to do them very quickly. This one ran longer than usual and believe it or not I feel your pain. Kevin is the master of the poll post, maybe we can sweet talk him in to doing an “ink post or not” poll.

Steve Paine

I agree that you’re brave James but I also have to say that I don’t like the ink posts. Its too slow to read and I always skip over them. I’m sorry James, I haven’t even read what you wrote above but I’ve read the comments!



Well, I for one like the ink posts. I have difficulty reading my own handwriting at times so it’s kinda fun trying to figure out someone elses’s, I mean handwriting. You’re a brave man, James, even to consider interrupting a gaggle of soccer moms (is “gaggle” the correct collective noun here?).


I like your blog, I have it on my RSS and I do read all of your posts on daily basis. However I must say that I DONT LIKE these ink posts, not in your blog or anyone elses! The reason is simple IT’S SLOW TO READ. It may be good for your own note taking to ink (I use it too for a Mind mapping style of note taking in meetings), but please think of your readers. If you think about it – using ink for blogging is slow to write and slow to read – why use it. I dont know your handwriting, so it takes time to sort out what it says. Please dont ;)

Ps. I dare you to do a poll of this issue and see what other readers think…


Come on man, throw the Palm Foleo a bone, this is it’s big shot!

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