Ambient umbrella warns of impending rain

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Ambient_umbrellaThey say simplicity is the key to a product’s design and it just doesn’t get simpler than this. Ambient, the company that creates informational gadgets that provide basic information using simple methods had done it again with their Ambient Umbrella. Who needs a weather widget when your umbrella can simply signal that rain is expected within the next 12 hours?

The umbrella receives data from for around 150 cities currently; if precipitation is expected, the handle will glow to prompt you to carry protection from the elements. Works great if you’re one of those folks that leaves the umbrella upside-down in a holder by the door although I wonder if our metal catch-can would block the data signal. $125 gives you an umbrella with the built-in night-light. I’m holding out for the Ambient Cat Collar that predicts when the litter box needs cleaning; the current "by smell" method we use really stinks.

(via Geek)

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Mark Polino

I’m not sure how useful this would be for us in Florida. In the summer, we’re counting how many times it’s going to rain in the next 12 hours, not if it’s going to rain. Do they have a hurricane model? THAT would be really useful.


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