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Gates On Google Phone: How Many Google Products Make A Profit?

Buried in an NYT piece about the midway point in Bill Gate’s two-year departure plan from Microsoft’s daily operations, some comments about Google’s chances in the mobile phone market. According to John Markoff, Gates rejected the idea of Google as a successful competitor in smartphone software; Microsoft has about 10 percent of that market. Gates: “How many products, of all the Google products that have been introduced, how many of them are profit-making products? … They

One Response to “Gates On Google Phone: How Many Google Products Make A Profit?”

  1. No matter how many products Google introduces and whether they are viewed as individual profit centers, it doesn't change the fact that they all increase Google's primary business of serving ads.

    It's not difficult to understand Bill Gate's problem with this, since Microsoft's Windows deployment promotes purchase of additional software.

    But, it is even less problematic to see the the value of an ad promoting a photo print service, after returning from vacation entered in Google Calendar. Or an ad promoting Canon/Nikon digital SLR right before going.