EMusic Will Sell Indie Songs Through AT&T


Emusic is planning to sell indie songs through AT&T, according to the NYT; the announcement is expected Tuesday. Selling songs directly for download to cellphones is no longer a novelty but most of the deals are with the majors. Indie songs are harder to come by. Nearly all of EMusic’s 2.7 million-song catalog will be available through AT&T Mobile Music. The price is far from bargain: $7.49 for five songs plus the option to download an MP3 online.

— EMusic and AT&T have a marketing deal promoting sideloads from the music service; this is its first mobile sale deal.

— NYT says the service will work on several Nokia and Samsung models but it will not be compatible with iPhone; those users willing to forgo direct downloads can get 30 songs for about $10 through the online version and sideload them to the iPhone and other MP3-capable devices.

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