Video Showdown: Digital Minstrels

Using mouses not lutes, the digital minstrels wander the internets, singing songs and telling jokes of their modern daze. The geek shall inherit the earth.

“Internet Dream” by Tay Zonday

Pick your internet vice — “some like it hot, In a triple X funk, winnin’ the auction, turnin’ money to junk, Cappin’ the flag
In a virtual dash” — from Tay “He Got a Voice Like Caramel” Zonday of “Chocolate Rain” meme-fame. And make sure you get the free MP3.

“Love Two Point Oh” by johnnyOnline

Since his featuring on YouTube, JohnnyOnline has been very busy and good to his fans and has nearly 100 videos. And who can’t love the breathy chorus from of “Oh Nine, Eff Nine” at the end there?

So which did you like best? Vote in the poll embedded above. Man, what if we could get a duet out of these guys à la ClipBandits?