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Solar One’s $$$: Acciona Energy has closed on a $266 million project for Nevada Solar Ones’ 64 megawatt Concentrated Solar Power Plant—United Press International.

Virtualization’s Hot: Desktone gets $17M in first-round funding as VMWare’s IPO looms—The Alarm Clock.

Driving Fjord: Norwegian electric-car maker Think Nordic gives London-based VCs and other welcomed guests a test drive–Business 2.0.

Pepsi Goes Green: Pepsi’s soda bottlers are buying nearly 629 million kilowatt-hours of green power per year, in the form of certificates that will subsidize the development of renewable energy sources—Reuters.

Solar Pink: Ohio State University researchers have developed new pink solar cells that can be developed at a quarter of the cost of commercially available silicon-based solar cells. The catch? The cells are only half as efficient—

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