Samba Bug Leaves OS X Vulnerable

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Crunchgear points out PCWorld’s article stating that a bug in Samba may open OS X up to hackers. Samba is the open source file and print sharing software that OS X employs to make those tasks easier for users to setup. Most notably found in the Sharing section of the System Preferences as “Windows File Sharing”, it is recommended to keep that unchecked (as far as you’re not using it) until Apple patches the potential threat. (10.4.11 anyone!?)

Just personal opinion here, but I keep that thing (as well as ‘Personal File Sharing’) unchecked at all times, and only turn them on for the few minutes I need them. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but that’s just me. Now it seems like it wasn’t such a bad idea, eh?

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do not take that so seriously.

you will have a security patch soon , anyway.

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