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Original Mac Rumors Site Goes Dark

Though the site in later years turned into a mockery of itself, at one time MacOSRumors, authored by Ryan Meader, was the go-to site for Apple gossip and innuendo. (Wikipedia) In the late 1990s, Meader’s site led the way in leaks around Oracle’s Larry Ellison’s potentially leading a shareholder coup against Gil Amelio, updates on the rise and fall of Mac clones like PowerComputing, the battle for the next generation Macs, between BeOS and NeXT, updates to Mac OS 8 and the G4 line, and speculation around what would eventually become the iBook.

MacOSRumors, along with more established publications that dabbled in rumors, like MacWeek, was soon joined by a proverbial wellspring of Apple rumors sites, including AppleInsider, the short-lived MacInsider (See shutdown notice), ThinkSecret, SpyMac, and now, the more respected MacRumors, who largely summarizes other sites’ predictions.

(Note: Many of these links are to to show a point in time snapshot)

But as the other rumors sites rose, MacOSRumors simply imploded, as Meader claimed health issues prevented him from updating the site, and others posting soon lost credibility. MacOSRumors went from being a pioneer in the field of Mac tips to a site best laid to rest. And as of last week, it looks like that’s what’s happened. Head to now, and instead of the latest version of the site, it looks like Network Solutions is saying the domain’s registration has expired, as of July 16th. Does that mean it will remain dark forever? Who knows. Maybe Meader and team will pay their dues and turn the lights back on, but at this point… it’s probably best to leave past glory behind.

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5 Responses to “Original Mac Rumors Site Goes Dark”

  1. Looks like the site is back up now. But it is kinda sad how it fell from the top of the heap. It even had a mention in a magazine article (Fortune?) during its heyday.

  2. MacOSRumors has been a sad joke for far too long. I’m still waiting for the iMac Ultimate Gaming Edition that was supposed to be out over a year ago. Hilarious.

    MacOSRumors will not be missed.

  3. Earlier today unverified sources thought to be in key trusted positions have notified us via actual internal Apple company e-mail that the original macosrumors site will delay its return as a highly successful blog named Fake MacOSRumors until January. At this time our phone calls to Apple PR to confirm have not been returned.