MyCallLog: a phone log for your Palm OS Treo


MycalllogCraving a call log for that Palm Treo 680? That’s one thing I’ve always liked about my Windows Mobile devices, there’s a generally usable call log for the phone calls made, received and missed. Apparently the Palm Treo 680 is lacking in this department, but based on this Brighthand review of MyCallLog, it sounds like there’s a good third-party option for free.

MyCallLog offers no less than eight different views if you’re really into your call details: you can view by duration, calls made, missed, and much more. Although I like my call information, I’ll just wait for the multi-page booklet I hear AT&T is sending all the new iPhone customers. Word has it that they’re documenting every bit of unlimited data information. Kind of an oxymoron since I don’t want an unlimited breakdown of every web bit I hit and if it’s unlimited data, I’m thinking I generally don’t care about the details. ;)

One word of caution: the longer you keep your call data, the longer it’s going to take for MyCallLog to load it. It appears that the app reloads all of the data each and every time your run it. Yikes!

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