iTweet: best Twitter client for the iPhone yet


ItweetI caught wind of iTweet during one of Marc Orchant’s Twitter updates last week. (BTW: Happy five-o to Marc today!) I was using the standard Twitter home page on my iPhone up this point, but having used the free iTweet service, I doubt I’ll ever go back to plain ol’ again. Colby Palmer developed iTweet with the iPhone’s EDGE connection in mind: why download and display everything when you can pick and choose? Instead of the whole timeline of tweets, iTweet will only grab the unread messages by default. You can certainly change that to see the Public Timeline or all friends tweets when you’re in a WiFi location and have bandwidth to spare. If you have Twitter account, but no iPhone, you can try the service through a working simulator right on the iTweet home page. One tweet and I was hooked!

Best of all, Colby is not only looking for feedback, he’s responding to it quickly. I noticed two enhancement opportunities, shot them to Colby and saw action taken within 24 hours, which is fantastic! One of the issues had to do with viewing the page in landscape; when I did that, the text box didn’t expand to match the landscape width; Colby quickly fixed that, but the other issue might be out of his hands. I noticed the iPhone on-screen keyboard covers up the entry box after 80 characters or so; while it would be nice to have the text float up, Safari isn’t cooperating with Colby just yet. ;)

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