HTC Kaiser gets the FCC love three times over

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We discussed the HTC Kaiser on a recent MobileTechRoundup podcast and late last week, the device came across the FCC listings. Based on the GSM frequencies and the fact that this Windows Mobile 6 phone has an HSDPA radio, we should see this as the 8925 on AT&T’s network. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if T-Mobile announced that they’ve quietly rolled out 3G here and will offer the HTC Kaiser as their flagship WinMo device? Unlikely but one can dream, right?

PhoneScoop reviewed the FCC docs and finds that there are in fact three Kaisers approved for use. I know, too many Kaisers spoil the handheld emipre, but there’s good reason for the three configs. Kaiser #1 offers a 3-megapixel camera in the typical backside location. Kaiser #2 removes the camera, but otherwise appears the same: great for folks in secure locations where cameras aren’t allowed. Kaiser #3 returns the camera to the back and offers a small front-facing camera as well. So, which will it be for you on The Newlyphone Game: number one, two or three? For some additional spec information, check out what Matt Miller found out on the new device.

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as much as i’m jonesing for iphone, this is the device (or the toshiba g900) that i’m waiting for. sure it doesn’t have multi-touch or a slew of accessories, but it’ll have exchange support built in as well a very familiar ui.

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