Best ongoing OQO Model 02 review on the web

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I was stumbling around the intranets keeping a vigilant eye out for mobile PC reviews when I ran across this series by Neil Balthaser at Ultra Mobility.  The author has been using an OQO Model 02 for a while and is writing a thorough review of the littlest UMPC and publishing them as a series.  The review consists of three parts so far, all of them excellent.

  1. Form factor
  2. Pen navigation, handwriting and voice recognition
  3. Desktop and laptop replacement

Each of these cover the topics in great detail and explain how the OQO performs at a variety of common tasks.  The coolest part- Neil dictated these review articles using the OQO and Vista! 

I was fortunate enough to work at Apple’s Human Interface Group, a part of the Advanced Technology Group awhile back. My team focused on speech recognition and synthesis so voice recognition is something that’s near and dear to my heart. Back then I had a $14,000 DEC speech synthesizer that sounded like Colossus from the Forbin project and a dedicated speaker dependent voice recognizer box that was 10 times the size of the OQO and couldn’t do dictation. Man, have things changed.

The author promises to continue the series with a look at different case options for the OQO.   This is one of the best reviews I have seen in a long time, well done!

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James, you are about to buy one. Just admit it already! ;)

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