Traveling with a GPS and an iPod

I have recently found myself traveling to new locations that I have never been to before. For these treks, I usually take my Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS which I hook up using my tape adapter. However, this knocks out my normal use of my iPod for music and podcasts on my trip. Perhaps you are like me and would like to still use your iPod while you are driving.

There are several ways around this. Anyone could simply print out directions and refer to them while driving. While this is the easiest solution, it also makes me uneasy in the car when the directions get local or off-highway. If you can easily read directions while you are driving in a town, this might be the way to go.

I could get a new GPS that can control my iPod like a TomTom. This makes me think I should have picked up a TomTom instead of a Garmin. A GPS that permits the use of an iPod is a great idea. TomTom is supposed to be making a GPS that allows you to dock your iPod into it (Link), although, I do not know when it will be available.

Everyone could wait for Apple to come out with its own GPS/iPod device. There were rumors of this device, but no official word exists. This would be very interesting if Apple did indeed create a GPS system. Personally, I do not suspect that Apple would be introducing a stand-alone GPS system, but would expect Apple to integrate GPS into the very popular iPhone. The iPhone already has multiple functions, why not add one more thing?

Hackery is always a solution. Connecting both the iPod and the GPS through a tape deck or auxiliary in. My car does not have an auxiliary in, so I have to use my tape deck adapter. I am sure with a trip to Radio Shack, I could create or pick up a mixer. Connect the GPS into the mixer, connect the iPod into the mixer, and make sure the GPS can be heard over the iPod. A more advanced solution would involve a dock connector that would pause the iPod while the GPS outputs a signal. I don’t know if I have the know-how for something like that, but I’m sure someone out there does.

I have been using another method to ensure hearing the iPod and the GPS. I attach headphones to my GPS and place one earbud in my ear for GPS notifications and plug the iPod into the tape adapter. I have tried using the built-in speaker of the GPS, but that means I have to listen to my music at a very low volume. If anyone has other ideas how to put together an iPod and a GPS let everyone know in the comments section.


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