Coffee with ThoughtFix


Dan of ThoughtFix is a great guy that Kevin and I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year.  I try to stay in touch with Dan regularly as he is very plugged into the mobile lifestyle and what it takes to achieve one.  In that vein, Dan has published this "Coffee with ThoughtFix" video where he discusses the need for "instant-on" for mobile devices and how important that will be for a mobile device to be a true lifestyle changer.  It’s a good video and Dan does a nice job with it but I have a warning for him- espresso maker + power on = steam generation.  I don’t think I’d make a habit of putting that Nokia N800 on top of the maker while it’s running.  :)


Ron P.

I tell ya what, watching Dan make coffee wore me out. If that is what it takes to get a cup of coffee every morning, I am very glad I am a Tea Drinker. As to Instant On, Im with him all the way!! What he needs also is another readily available Instant Product, called INSTANT COFFEE!!!!

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