2 Responses to “Windows Mobile Gets Hit In The Head By Apple”

  1. My company, Smart Box Design, develops Windows Mobile games, and I have nothing but compliments for Windows Mobile OS. Ever since version 2003 came out, development has been smooth and straight forward. Each release of the OS keeps getting better and better. It is not overly bloated, our games are stable, and MS communicates pretty good on the changes they are makine and the approximate release dates. If you read the Windows Mobile team blogs you can tell they are a happy bunch of people. My only wish is that they get the OS into some nicer looking devices. Many of the WM phones are very thick and heavy.

  2. jbelkin

    MS arrogant thinks that because people are forced/willing to buy WIN – consumers think of them as technolgy #1 choice – but when conusmers have a choice, they seldom choose MS:

    MS WMA stores
    MS Plays-4-Sure online stores
    Home media PC
    home networking gear
    MS watches
    Talking Barneys
    MSN (as an ISP)
    MSN (as a search – free choice, no one uses MSN – who uses MSn now? companies that are paid to).
    & MS Mobile has failed also … how many years before they figured out to push email onto a mobile?

    And now, the Xbox Red Ring of Death to go win WIN's Blue SCreen of DEath.

    Add in the virus issue with theor computers, consumers are smarter than that.

    MS is dead as a consumer brand.