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What If Joost Were a Web App?

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[qi:_newteevee] An independent developer has built a Flash version of Joost that runs in any browser. Sure, he doesn’t have access to any of the Joost content, but what he’s built is basically a proof-of-concept using Joost graphics and improving on the UI, using publicly available video from sites like YouTube and Veoh. ….. We’ve noticed a trend of outside developers filling in gaps that Joost has left in its product. For instance, New York-based programmer Hal Schechner noticed that Joost did a poor job of telling users when it added new content. So he started OnTheToob, Continue Reading

8 Responses to “What If Joost Were a Web App?”

  1. Denis Kolesnichenko

    We need to understand, that Joost is not just about its cool UI and/or its content. Joost is about its skype-like transcendental node system which keeps the whole system and it’s users running at remarkable download speeds along with solid rock stability.

    This technology and the underlying hardware is the most important asset of Joost. A really big number of flash programmers could create a MUCH better UI with skinning, better content suggestions, playlist sharing , viewers chat (anything – you name it) for just a couple of weeks.

    What they will never be able to develop and deploy is this system, to make the nice UI useful enough…

    So, mostly these guys just waste a lot of their personal time on something Joost team will make all by itself, taking the best ideas from the fan-generated pool…

    By the way, Joost will likely not have a web version, because it is unable to support it’s torrent-like content sharing dogma, thus each web-based client won’t bring more stability or more download speed into the system and will just be a pure expense…