The Daily Sprout

Magnetically Levitated Wind Turbine: The company Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies just started operating and already writes that its strategic vision is to “generate 25% of the U.S. and world’s power needs by 2020.” Whoa there — TreeHugger, release.

Barometer of EU Biofuels: A report says that “EU biofuel consumption reached 5.38 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2006 — up from 3 Mtoe in 2005.” — Renewable Energy Access.

Lowdown on green laptops: An eye-catching spread about the eco problems and solutions for laptops — Popular Science.

Green for Water Purification: Halosource, a company that is working on water purification technology for the developing world, raised $15M to expand into China and the Middle East—Puget Sound Business Journal.

Cellulose-Fed Fuel Cell: Two bacteria are apparently better than one when it comes to creating a fuel cell that consumes cellulose and produces electricity –-Green Car Congress, release.


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