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Cybook eBook reader coming in September

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Bookeen_cybook_gen3A personal congrats out to Michael and Laurent of Bookeen: they’ve revamped their Cybook standalone reader that becomes available in as little as five weeks. September will bring the newest version of their eBook reading device and it’s much more exciting than the very first Cybook that I reviewed a good two or three years ago. That one was a relatively clunky & heavy Windows CE slate device that cost a fair bit of coin: the newest one is eInk-based and starts at $350. Not that three-and-a-half bills is cheap by any means, but it’s much lower priced than the original if I recall and has a much improved form factor.

The Cybook Gen3 is a tad over six ounces with a six inch screen displaying at 166 dpi. Now, I’m starting to think they should have called it "The Six" although I’m certain that some BSG fans would riot. You’ll get about 8,000 page flips per battery charge since the device only uses juice when rendering a new page. Content support is in the form of Mobipocket, which should help give this device a nice boost. Congrats Bookeen and best of luck with the Gen3!

(via Mobile Read)

5 Responses to “Cybook eBook reader coming in September”

  1. San Perry

    I definitely do NOT want one of these – there’s no backlight, it’s not in colour, you can’t write notes… can one put their own documents into it?

    NO thanks.

  2. … and frankly, 800×600 on 6 inches is pretty coarse, IMHO, but I’m now used to 640×480 on 3.5 inches with cleartype-type anti-aliasing. Every screenshot of an e-ink device I’ve seen so far has looked pretty grim by comparison. Of course, that doesn’t factor in things like power consumption etc, just appearance, but I’ve never seen one of these devices in real life so I guess I’ll have to reserve judgement for now.

  3. It does look pretty spiffy, but I have to wonder which I’d rather have, this or a Nokia N800. The N800 is no mean ebook reading device either and it can do so much more in addition. Also, any Pocket PC with a VGA screen or better kicks much butt when it comes to ebookreading, as well. Decisions, decisions.

  4. Kevin,

    I was just curious, how do you think this Cybook compares to the Sony Reader?

    It’s hard to tell what exactly sets them apart, they roughly the same price and as far as I can tell have the same functions.

  5. Mobipocket + eInk = Very Nice…. but I’m not sure about the button placement on this thing. Doesn’t look comfortable. In any case, the price point is right, so hopefully this will help propel eInk out of obscurity.