Thunderbird Can't Get No Respect


[qi:_webworkerdaily] It’s hard when no matter how good you are, your brother is still everyone’s darling. Mozilla Thunderbird is a rather amazing email client in its own right. Despite Thunderbird’s obvious advantages, Firefox is Mozilla’s crown jewel. Does Thunderbird continue to grovel for table scraps or is it time to strike out in new territory? Mozilla has declared a “call to action” asking users to weigh in on the future of Thunderbird. Continue Reading.



ok thunderbird is good but why cant I get some real help with the mailbox full problem???

Blue Frog

thunderbird and firefox still the best.. since i used it, there is no problem with that and superb services..


Google or Yahoo lacks desktop e-mail clients and they talk big about their e-mail services. It might make sense for either of them to take up Thunderbird project. As somebody pointed out, TB has to have a lot more to be able to become everybody’s darling. Calendar is a must . So as far as the direction goes, compete with MS Outlook offerings with Exchange integration(i am not sure if it has already). Checking out forthcoming Apple mail app. would be a good idea too. Once you are in that league, a free program will make much more sense.

Om Malik

i think what it needs is more resources and frankly mozilla has given lip service to an app that the world sorely needs. i think mozilla has to look at itself hard and rediscover the vigor it had when it had introduced firefox.

David Mackey

Thunderbird is a great app., but still has a ways to go. It needs integrated calendaring. It needs better anti-spam (another Blue Frog please). It also needs to be accessible as an extension to Firefox, perhaps as an RIA. It will never gain the attraction of Firefox b/c everyone needs a browser but not everyone needs a software based email client.

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