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Monitor your ergonomics with a USB device

Brando_usb_visomate_2I’ve known for some time that I have terrible posture when working at the computer. If I ever forget that, my neck and shoulders usually remind me through the night. I’ve tried better desk and chair settings, but how the heck do you know when you’re really in the "right" position? For $26, Brando is willing to tell you, thanks to their USB-powered Visomate. Sounds like a an add-on for a golf visor but it’s actually a small monitor you attach to the top of your display. The Visomate checks your position from the display and warns you if you’re too close (and burnin’ retinas) or too far with blue and red LED lights. Sounds interesting but I’ll hold out for the golf visor accessory….my swing is much worse than my desk posture.

(via Gear Live)