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What Can Myspace Do In Face of Facebook?

Everyone and their mother-in-law now has advice for MySpace on what it should do in the face of rise of Facebook..Bear Stearns analysts Spencer Wang and Shubhashree Mukherjee came out with a research note today on the challenge to News Corp and MySpace. Among other things, it has a section on possible solutions/scenarios for MySpace: “Keeping Myspace ‘closed’ while its greatest competitor becomes increasingly ‘open,’ would make Myspace a ‘walled garden’…how long will it take for Myspace to create a similar platform and how much will it cost? [W]e believe that the development process to create something similar to the Facebook platform could take about nine months.”

Then, “re-creating a similar platform for Myspace will not be easy, will take time, and will likely require significant investment dollars. First, a full suite of API