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MySpace’s Original Content Push: Foil Against Facebook?

Read the post below first for the context, and then this: one thing that seems to be happening is that MySpace is now going full steam ahead into becoming a conduit for original and other kinds of content, perhaps as a way to attract new users, and then increase the time spend on the site.
— First the [re]launch of MySpaceTV late last month.
— Sony Pictures Television is on the verge of launching its MySpace broadband channel the Minisode Network, with old shows (Diff

4 Responses to “MySpace’s Original Content Push: Foil Against Facebook?”

  1. Isn't the original MySpace show Roomates the worst program ever? Not only do they waste tape and valued labor, but more over they just waste bandwidth. When will they realize they are a great social network and a horrific content organization?


  2. It seems to me as if the real successful social networking site is going to be the one that develops the ability to bring both MySpace and FaceBook together. Take a look at