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The GigaOM Show Launches Tonight

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My boss, Om Malik, will be making his debut as an internet TV host tonight with the launch of the GigaOM Show. Produced with Revision3 and co-hosted by Silicon Valley startup lawyer Joyce Kim, the show will be a video version of our mothership site,, featuring interviews and news commentary.

Kara Swisher broke the news last night, and she somehow got access to all of the pertinent information.

Along with tech lawyer Joyce Kim (who is also sister-in-law to Jason Calacanis), the weekly show will be 10-minute talks with various tech CEOs and start-up entrepreneurs.

Malik will handle the editorial and Revision3–founded by Digg founders Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose and others–will deal with production, distribution and ad sales.

I knew about the development of the show but despite my repeated requests had not been able to speak about it until now. Fortunately Swisher’s reporting allows me to come out of my hole. However, this is not a NewTeeVee project and we will do our best to not let the relationship between Om and Revision3 affect our coverage. We hope all of you, including Owen Thomas at Valleywag, will continue to read and trust our site. Please rest assured, we’ll disclose this relationship any time we write about Revision3.

5 Responses to “The GigaOM Show Launches Tonight”

  1. I tried to watch the show and was annoyed at the production value of it all. There was nothing different from turning on my TV and watching a tech show on MSNBC.

    The first thing to catch my eye was the waste of time with the intro to the show. I am watching a show on the internet to see it now, and not wait for it to start after a flashy intro. Stop with all the mess of telling people what they are watching when I clicked to watch it in the first place.

    Also, don’t be so rehearsed, or is it nerves? Just sit and BS and just wing it. That is the beauty of watching these shows.