iPhoneRingToneMaker adds customized ring tones to your iPhone



One of the most basic and valid gripes around a digital music-based phone device would have to be no way to add custom ring tones. In Windows Mobile it’s a no-brainer function and my T-Mobile AT&T Dash always has a song from The Beatles as the ringer. It didn’t take long for a custom ringtone application to pop-op for the iPhone. Case in point: the aptly named iPhoneRingToneMaker.

Matt Miller plunked down the $9.95 introductory price of this Windows-only application and it definitely works as advertised
. He provides a five minute YouTube video of his experience to show how easy it is to use the application so you can get a feel for it. Now, if we can just get Matt off the vintage T.V. show themes, we’d really be in business. ;)

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