Crown Castle switches off its Mobile TV

[qi:004] Qualcomm is now the defacto winner of the mobile TV race in the US, thanks to its ability to partner-up with right wireless carriers – AT&T and Verizonfor its MediaFLO multimedia wireless network. Those deals sealed the fate of Crown Castle’s mobile TV effort, Modeo, that used the rival DVB-H technology.

The wireless tower owner has thrown in the towel, and instead of building its own network (via Modeo), it is going to rent the spectrum to a joint venture between Telcom Ventures and Columbia Capital for about $13 million.

Modeo, didn’t get past the trial stage, and as we had previously reported that it wasn’t getting any traction. MediaFLO launched in certain cities in March of this yearwill launch later this year (updated). And just to be clear, these are special networks being built for multimedia content delivery, which is different from service offered by Emeryville, Calif.-based MobiTV, which offers videos over wifi and cellular data networks.