Warner succumbs to new phone fever too…


…but he pulled a fast one and nabbed the HTC Mogul for his Sprint account! There are plenty of reasons to like the Mogul, which is the successor to the PPC-6700. The slide-out keyboard is definitely improved and more stable for starters. The antenna nub was amputated and there’s a nice scroll wheel, a feature I love for quickly flipping eBook pages.

Warner provides a very detailed review of his new purchase, so if you don’t have iPhone fever you’ll want to read this. As Warner mentioned his old PPC-6700 several times, I recalled my purchase of the comparable Verizon offering back in early 2006 when I let the readers pick my phone. You all voted for the XV6700 back then and I never regretted that purchase. Based on Warner’s review, I think he picked another winner too.


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