Warner succumbs to new phone fever too…



…but he pulled a fast one and nabbed the HTC Mogul for his Sprint account! There are plenty of reasons to like the Mogul, which is the successor to the PPC-6700. The slide-out keyboard is definitely improved and more stable for starters. The antenna nub was amputated and there’s a nice scroll wheel, a feature I love for quickly flipping eBook pages.

Warner provides a very detailed review of his new purchase, so if you don’t have iPhone fever you’ll want to read this. As Warner mentioned his old PPC-6700 several times, I recalled my purchase of the comparable Verizon offering back in early 2006 when I let the readers pick my phone. You all voted for the XV6700 back then and I never regretted that purchase. Based on Warner’s review, I think he picked another winner too.



Nice review and pretty dead on. One thing that kind of irked me right out of the box was the lack of a remote desktop client. Fortunately, the java support is good enough that tsMobiles worked just fine. Overall, it’s MUCH nicer than my old T-Mobile MDA (when I was with T-Mobile) and, being a heavy user of Slingplayer, making the screen size important, it’s considerably nicer than my old Treo 700wx. Since I signed up with Sprint 3 months ago, I got NO discount and it was pricey, but I’ve played with an iPhone and, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no comparison.


Nice purchase, this is an amazing little TRUE smartphone. I am amazed at the computer functions I can do on this on a daily basis.

One tip, get DinarSoft’s MemMaid utility, it is well worth the cash.

Don’t forget that you have the MOST advanced media player/phone out there. Slingbox is amazing to stream you home cable channels/DVR for example.

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