The Tablet PC: no top 10 for us and that’s OK

Dell_latitude_tablet_pcThis is one of those lists you don’t want your favorite device to be on: the 10 biggest technology flops of the last 40 years. Computerworld NZ offers up the ten flops and I don’t see any that you can argue there. Craig Pringle notes the absence of the Tablet PC platform and I’d add that the UMPC is missing as well. I’m slightly surprised by their omissions; not that I believe they should be list members, but because mainstream media has a tendency to equate both device types as general failures. Granted, this is only one list by one media outlet, but Craig smartly wonders if we’re turning a corner with Tablet PC acceptance. Sales don’t seem to be declining by any measures I’ve seen and new vendors like Dell are getting in on the market. Thoughts?


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