Quicksilver Quick Print Tip


I’ve been a bit light on Quicksilver love lately, and for the fans out there, I apologize. (Though from some of the comments I’ve seen, there are those who appreciate this, so there ya go.) But this morning there’s a great tip that Merlin points out, coming from the Mac Law Students Blog.

If you print a lot of files, but hate waiting on the applications to open just so you can hit Print, then this tip will really light your fire. Essentially you eliminate the middle man using Quicksilver (it does this a lot, and I love it!) to send all your print jobs rather than Word, or Preview, or whatever.

Quicksilver printing

While the above image should tell the tale, reading the full post will show you how to setup Quicksilver to do this for yourself, as well as show you different methods to use this.

And don’t worry, there are more of my own Screencasts on the way. In fact I’ve got a doozy I’m working on [which is Quicksilver focused] and hope to drop later this week.



Off topic, but why does the printer icon (as well as the printer badge over the gear icon) have a little gray box outline around it? Was the image manipulated? Not insinuating anything, just wondering!


I’ve seen my printer in the QS catalogue & always wondered how it could be used in there.
Now I know :)

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