Pong with a Twist for MacBook/Pro


Nothing more than a terrific [and FUN] waste of time, Tilt SCREAM Pong takes full advantage of your MacBook’s sensory input devices. By tilting your Mac notebook, you can move your paddle from side to side. Screaming at the mic on your MacBook will aid you in growing the size of your paddle for better chances. Shaking the notebook will speed the ball’s speed, while keeping it more steady will reduce the projectile speed.

Tilt SCREAM Pong is open source, so any budding (or otherwise) developers can see what it takes to utilize the motion sensor hardware if that’s your thing.


John Cage

Haha. Not sure that the game looks that great – I love Smackbook – but the video itself is funny. I can just see her doing the same thing at the coffee shop!


i honestly thought that it was some baby crying in the background at the start, that women is totaly retarded :P

but good game :P

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