Open Thread: What's Your Morning Routine?

Morning: so full of promise and potential. While the night owls sleep, early birds get out of bed and write about morning routines.

Ryan Carson finishes at least two things from his daily to do list before checking email — that’s part of his strategy for a productive morning. WWD contributing writer Leo Babauta suggests that writers create a morning writing ritual because that gives your writing first priority in your life and provides a peaceful time to do it. Leo’s suggestion reminds me of creativity maven Julia Cameron’s morning pages, uncensored writing that she recommends you do each morning.

Steven Fisher thinks that it’s important to get showered and dressed before starting to work. And Pete Thomas brings a business process management (BPM) perspective to the morning routine, looking for ways to optimize for time and health by doing things like switching out bacon and eggs for fruit, yogurt, and granola. He means that as an introduction to BPM, but if you’re really into systematizing your life, it just might work for you.

Amy J. Kearns spends an hour before work each day checking her email, Facebook, and RSS. I’d do that too if I had a job other than checking email, Facebook, and RSS.

I hop out of bed and right onto the web, getting an immediate start onto my work day while the kids sleep. I do a quick scan of email and RSS and then either edit or write the first post of the day for Web Worker Daily. Only after I’ve completed that job do I have breakfast (often a Pop-Tart, healthy for the soul if not for the body) and read The Denver Post and The Wall Street Journal.

What’s your morning routine?

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