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Next Gen iPod Interface Footage?

I doubt this is legitimate footage of the next interface we’ll see on forthcoming iPods, but in the interest of helping you waste a little time, you can see the video below. It definitely looks like Apple’s style, but the functionality of the interface itself seems a bit behind the curve. Perhaps part of me is just hopeful that we’ll see something similar to what I wrote about here in the next iteration of the mobile audio juggernaut.

Via Engadget

5 Responses to “Next Gen iPod Interface Footage?”

  1. i hope to god apple keeps the ipod with its slick black or white, if it was changed to alluminum like the new imac’s it would be too tacky and just like any other mp3 player. a style like trhe iphone is what i think everyone is looking for

  2. @nick
    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Apple, Inc. ”

    “The url contained a malformed video id.”

    Haha, um…Apple bit pretty hard on that.