Marketing Tip from Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur, author and Found|READ contributor, “Tim Ferriss”:, is a force of nature and an amateur marketing genius. With virtually no professional assistance, the first-time author has managed to get his novel self-help/
management book, “The 4-Hour Workweek”: onto _both_ The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. (Tim even hit #1 on WSJ list!)

This morning I read Tim’s latest post on “his own blog”: explaining one method he has used to accomplish this. He has titled it “Media Feast and How to get on TV”:, but I urge Found|READers to take it in, whether television is the outlet you covet, or not. Tim’s good advice applies to any medium, including blogs — which we all know is the very best way to get-the-word out about your startup these days!.

Tim’s offers three pieces of advice in this post, but the first two are more sarcastic than serious. The real intelligence is in *Tip #3: “Create and pitch a trend + segment instead of you and your product.”* Tim goes on to explain that this is exactly what he has done with “The 4-Hour Workweek” and it makes a lot of sense. *It boils down to trend-spotting and then identifying yourself/your startup with said trend.* I urge you to read the full text of Tim’s post.

Tim also recommends a book that, I agree, every one of us should pick up: Virgin founder Richard Branson’s “Losing My Virginity”: (You _could_ buy it on Amazon with “the $100 gift certificate Om is offering to the Found|READer who sends us the most outrageus funding tale!”: I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Sir Richard a few times, and even reporters can learn a thing or two from the aviator-knight about *finding your inspiration, finding your stamina* and …most of all, *your marketing skill.* Read it. (And thanks, Tim, for mentioning of it.)

Which now makes me think that *Found|READ should start a reading list.* Let us know if you think this is a good idea, and please send on names of books that you’d suggest be included.

(Also see Tim’s earlier posts on *getting to profitability in 3 months or less* under the heading “Margin Manifesto I”:, and “Margin Manifesto II”:; and this video of him lecturing his alma mater, Princeton”: