iPhone Search: in progress from Google


Iphone_google_searchI’ve found the built-in search bar on the iPhone to be just fine, but in typical Google fashion, the search company is looking to make things better and easier. Robert Scoble got wind of their effort and says it "looks great on Patrick’s iPhone". I didn’t check it on the iPhone just yet, but since it’s web-based, I just resized my browser window to near 320 x 480 and gave it a go. The result is a very clean list of search results for your term, along with options to switch between web, image and news results. Very simple looking and very iPhone-like in terms of font style and size, but I’m sure this is only the beginning.

Running this test search and thinking about the iPhone navigational flicks has me realizing that removing scroll bars is something that I’d love to see in the next Windows Mobile version. Using all of the screen for data and usable information is enjoyable; the kind of functionality you never want to lose in the future and wish you always had in the past.

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