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@Proto: Canaan’s Mittal Sees Weak Marketing Arms Hurting Internet Businesses

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I managed to corner Venture Capital firm Canaan Partners’ Managing Director Alok Mittal at Proto, an event held at IIT Madras where startups showcased their new products and technologies to venture capitalists. Mittal warned that some Indian Internet businesses are heading towards failure because of shaky marketing plans.

As a venture capitalist, which areas are you seeing heightened activity in India?

One Response to “@Proto: Canaan’s Mittal Sees Weak Marketing Arms Hurting Internet Businesses”

  1. Long Time Listner Repeat Calle

    this remark from Alok has some grain of truth in it . but the reason is not in the intrinsic inability or understanding on part of founders. The problem is becuase of the following fact

    1) Low PC & Broadband penetration in india . bulk of internet usage is from Cybercafe so its very hard for use to develop a regular readership with a site . some time connection will be slow , JAVAScript is not enabled, some time FLASH player will not be present on browser and so on . so user gets frustrated and leave the session . what does that show in Web PAge Analytics . well nothing . now this is the reason that most users in india don't have a defined usage pattern . all the usage data is a circumstantial crap . Give us [indian] a powerful medium to communicate with less failiure mode and low price point and we will be the top user .
    look at CHAT ROOMS , Mobile , RingTone , Mobile Games .

    regarding the alok's comment of baqlance in team . well all i can say is that not everyone is lucky to have a Dalmia in their team . even than what worked for thenm was their Plan B . if everyone has forget let me tell you . they started with ZipAhead but later on focused on JobsAhead .

    funny that every successfull HERO forgets that He was a struggling actor one point of time .