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mig33 has 6 million mobile users

[qi:033] mig33, a combination mobile instant messenger, chat rooms and international calling card service based in Burlingame, CA., says signed up six million cell phone users in 200 countries. The service is particularly popular in countries like Bangladesh where international long distance rates are high. Unlike other VoIP services, mig33 works on even the most basic phones, and don’t require a Wi-Fi connection for the calls.

mig33 was one of the eTel/GigaOM LaunchPad companies, and since then has raised $10 million in venture backing from Accel Partners and RedPoint Ventures. It has relocated from Australia to the San Francisco . Other mobile callback/calling type services that offer lower cost minutes include Jajah and Cellity.

13 Responses to “mig33 has 6 million mobile users”

  1. Mig33 is a wonderfull application, and I’ve been using it for years. But one has to wonder how secure this application really is, when you see how easy it is for users to download software which allowes them to kick and flood users in the chatrooms, as well as hack their usernames… Just how save are your credits?? And to use the kicking software, you need at least 7-10 usernames. I’ve seen a few with over a 100 different usernames. So just how accurate is their claim of 6 million users?

  2. Question:

    It may have 6 million downloads, but how many users are really active? Will carriers make a decision to block this service due to its tariff avoidance nature? It would be quite easy to block there IP’s off!

  3. It’s great to see some more Australian startups going strongly! It seems that moving to Silicon Valley is the way to go… I know that a fair few successful oz startups tend to at least open an office over there, and it seems to make a big difference.