Freeware of the Moment- WinDirStat


One of the offshoots of having ever-increasing hard drive capacities is that the task of getting rid of large files we no longer need is more difficult.  With hard drive capacities of 80 GB, 100 GB and larger finding that 100 MB file we no longer need to carry around is much harder.  Today’s Freeware of the Moment is a cool utility that presents the entire contents of a hard drive in a visual format, with each file represented by a square that is sized proportionally with the file size.  Never has finding those files been easier than it is with WinDirStat.  You can even delete those big unwanted files right in the program for even greater utility.  I have been using it for a few days now and have experienced no problems at all and I highly recommend it.


(via Download Squad)



As it should — it says right on that page you linked that Disk Inventory X was made after the creator saw WinDirStat in action… and both are based on KDirStat for Linux/*BSD.

Any of the above three are excellent for finding out what’s eating all your free disk space. I’ve used WinDirStat with Vista, too, and it works just fine — although all three programs treat hard links/junctions like new directories on OSes that support them.


It looks like SequoiaView, but that hasn’t been updated in like 3 years. WinDirStat doesn’t indicate that it works with Vista; are you using it with Vista?

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