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Music Widget Firm Nabbr Gets Funding From S-Curve Records

S-Curve Records, which has been restarted as a music label by founder Steve Greenberg (most recently president of Columbia Records) after two years in dormancy, has bought a stake in Chicago-based Nabbr. Greenberg will be now be the chairman of the company. Nabbr has developed music and video widgets for starts such as Lily Allen, Jones Brothers and others. Some more details in this Variety story, and the release here.

One Response to “Music Widget Firm Nabbr Gets Funding From S-Curve Records”

  1. i really like to work for any rock,indie ,punk, emo ;label why mainly i think i can bring alot to the job and i will get the job done im so committed but i hate airplanes lol!!! so that's something i have to get over quick:)