Handheld device quest- a followup

My post yesterday that covered my quest for a handheld PC generated a lot of great commentary.  One thing that is very clear is how passionate mobile PC owners are about their gear of choice.  Based on some of the comments I feel it’s a good idea to clarify my thought process a little bit, and fill in how I currently use my mobile devices.

First of all, I am not looking to replace any of my current gear.  The Lenovo ThinkPad x61 is my main workhorse and I carry it with me when I am going to Big Oil Company for extended periods.  It is a great laptop in addition to the Tablet functionality and there is nothing better when I’m working at a desk and banging out endless long reports.  I carry it into meetings too and ink reams of notes about the various projects I manage and the search function is my main productivity booster.  Searching my ink is a must and the x61 is the best all-around Tablet PC I’ve used to date.

I don’t want to replace the Fujitsu P1610 either.  When I only have one or two meetings scheduled on a given day or I just want to run out to a coffee shop and work I grab the Fuji.  The combination of the small size and weight coupled with the functionality of the Vista Tablet PC bits are unbeatable in this scenario.  Grab and go comes to mind when I think of the Fuji.  I also use the Fuji when I want to sit in the comfy Man Chair in front of the TV and work the web, it’s so good in that scenario.  I use both the Fuji and ThinkPad almost every day in different settings and I don’t want to replace them.

I have enjoyed the utility of having an ultra-portable PC as I described in the earlier post and that is the functionality I miss.  Even the Fujitsu P1610 is too big to take everywhere, especially if I’m heading into a situation where I might not use a PC at all.  It is easy to take a handheld (read very small) PC at those times because it takes almost no effort to do so.  It’s great to have along, though, when spare time crops up and I have a device with me to make the most of it.  I’m not looking to replace anything I currently use, rather to augment them.

Twohands_02overviewThe OQO Model 02 with integrated EV-DO is definitely looking good at this point.  The size is right for what I need, and even though the integrated keyboard is not important to me I can see the utility of having it there.  As an experiment I visited the OQO web site and configured the setup I would need to be productive.  Here is what I found after the jump:

Here’s the configuration I made at the OQO site:


This includes the 1.5 GHz processor (I won’t skimp in this area), 60 GB HDD, integrated Verizon EV-DO, Vista Business, 1 GB of memory, WiFi and Bluetooth.

I added the executive bundle which brings the dock with DVD burner, extra standard battery, case, etc.  I also added an extended battery which I must have on all mobile PCs I use.  I added an extra AC adapter, something I also always do with mobile PCs.  This configuration includes an extended 2 year warranty for $150, along with the digital pen which OQO doesn’t include standard but you must have to use the ink functions.

That’s it, and as you can see this configuration would set me back over $3,000 with shipping etc.  Wow, that’s a huge investment!  So right now I’m still sitting back and thinking this whole thing through again.


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