Coffee break- blogging from the bean shop


Coffee_manOnce again we find our intrepid hero goofing off hard at work in the neighborhood Starbucks. Today I’ve been playing around with the Nokia N800 since I’ve installed the Mozilla browser.  Specifically, I’ve been seeing how practical the new browser makes using Facebook and Google Reader.  Both sites work better than they do with the pre-installed Opera browser but my concern is how fast they work in practice because that’s a big factor in determining how useful the N800 could be for my mobile blogging platform.

I have to admit that while Google Reader is not a screamer performance-wise it’s more than adequate for blogging from feeds.  Everything displays and works on the Mozilla browser just like it does on my "real" computers and using it with the Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard is pretty slick.  Using the keyboard opens up the usefulness of all the Google Reader key shortcuts and it’s pretty sweet on the N800.  It’s pretty cool and even prompted a Starbucks regular to drop by to see the tiny computer.  Nice.

Facebook works so well, I even posted a video of it on my Facebook page.  Even viewing Facebook videos is nice on the N800, the only thing that doesn’t work (not surprisingly) is the web cam.  Facebook can’t find the web cam which I didn’t expect it would but I had to try.  Now that would make for a fantastic mobile vlogging platform if it did.  Everything else on Facebook works flawlessly, at least everything I’ve tried so far.  All in all I have to say the Mozilla browser is awesome!


Chris Abraham

I love my n800. I lent it to George Brett but when I get it back I will install Firefox on there. I will go follow your link to learn how to install it.. the Opera browser really couldn’t handle Google Reader or Google Calendar very well.

Mike Cane

Pish Tish.

Spread it on as thick as you want, I’m (wiping a bit of drool) immune to this.

Die Nokia Die.


Slightly OT – but while you guys are yukking it up over coffee and cruellers, CTitanic is also enjoying a cup o’ Joe and a WiFi connection – but he’s using his techno multi-tasking kung-fu to smite evildoers with swift justice. Check out his latest real-world app scenario for the UMPC – catching crooks with WiFi, email and webcams. Kinda cool; need to set up something like that for Tech Manor I would think.

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