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Amp’d Turning Off Service Tuesday

Details are up here now on the Amp’d website and the customers are being told about it later today, through text messages. The service will go off on Tuesday at midnight, July 24. The early termination fee does not apply to all the cutomers who will have to decide which operator to move to. The company is not porting them over to Verizon, on whose network Amp’d ran on. As for what will happen in the auction, expect multiple parties bidding. I would expect the MVNO base to be sold separately from the media/content assets/IP.

Updated: Got the disconnection notice text: AMPD MSG: Your svc may be disconnected on 7.24 @ 12:01am. Go to or contact the location where you activated your service for further info.

17 Responses to “Amp’d Turning Off Service Tuesday”

  1. I bought my little sister a very expensive amp'd phonw that she loves for her 17th birthday. Tons of content perfect for teens with unlimited messaging. So then Amp'd screws everything up, disgruntled customers , lousy billing , yada yada and she gets Screw'd. She loves this phone! I can take it to prexar mobile but they don't offer the content and feature support of the big companys but the big guys don't want her phone. Too bad really. For everyone else try prexar mobile just voice and text support I think.

  2. movenia

    I ported my Amp'd phone over to Verizon. The person I talked to gave me no problems about it, but a friend of mine did it yesterday and whoever he spoke to said it couldn't be done. My friend told them he knew someone who had already done it, so they gave in. They had also been trying to sell him a new phone. So tell Verizon that since Amp'd was on the Verizon network, the phones are compatible and they can do it.

  3. sic of ampd

    you can try porting to net 10 service. i bought a phone last nite for appx $31, and it comes with $30(= 300 minutes) of service. it's $.10 a minute anytime. easy to use website and recharging of minutes. i should have gone with them 1st. !!!! amp'd sucks!

  4. yes if some one refuses to port a # then it is illegal but if amps is bankrupt and there are no real employees on the amp side to port the numbers out, ie all employees get up and walk out because they might not get paid, what can another carrier do?

  5. I just tried going with T-Mobile. They said I could only use my phone if I got a subcity unlock code from Amp'd and bought a new SIMM card. Then I called Amp'd who said their phones don't use SIMM cards. Verizon said yes (over the phone) that I can use my phone with them. But their prepay rates are lousy.
    Has anyone found a good prepay carried that will take Amp'd phones and allow us to port over our numbers? Thanks for your help!

  6. Harobed Whole Fools

    Looks like Cramp'd and and its ship of fools (AKA investors) will get a free pass from the market for their unbelievably stupid execution. And even now we see greater fools saying things like "Expect lots of bidders for their assets". Please tell me other than that stupid L'il Bush (which is now owned by Comedy Central), what "assets" are you talking about? Leases on expensive stores?!! Over-engineered (and now obsolete) handsets and user interfaces? The only assets this "clean-up in Aisle " has are its people — ha! The good ones are long gone — the rest are detritus or bankruptcy janitors.

  7. Craig – If your phone is postpaid, then report them to VzW corporate and/or the FCC. Refusal to port a non-prepaid number is illegal and can carry stiff penalties.

  8. Hey i went to a verizon store today to see if i could get my ampd razr v3m switched the guy there said no but i think he was trying to get me to buy a new phone cuae the email i sent verizon with my ESN number came backand they said yes they could take it on there stuff.

    but have i switched over yet, no…..i dont get paid till wed. :(

  9. I had the same issue as Joe. Not only that but the Verizon store I went to refused to port my number! I gave up and went to t-mobile – no Amp'd Live but at least my service will stay on.

  10. Howard

    Rafat, thanks for the response. I read Joe's comment and wonder if Sprint which is cdma may be compatible. Otherwise I maybe out of luck. My family all have Amp'd Mobile. Is there a company that could provide flash directions or perform such a thing? Anyone know?

  11. Just tried to activate my Amp's Motorola E816 at a Verizon store and the sales guy said his system would not take my ESN. Not sure what the problem is but I can't activate my Amp's phone on Verizon.

  12. Howard
    The Amp'd website says this:
    When I decide on my new wireless service provider – can I take my phone?
    Yes, if your service provider of choice uses CDMA.

  13. Howard

    This maybe the wrong type of forum for this question but, do you know or can you direct me to someone who knows if Amp'd phones will in fact be usable on other carriers that happen to be cdma? Thank you!