Verizon cuts a deal with Broadcom for Qualcomm-based 3G phones


Broadcom_logo_smallGood news for Verizon Wireless customers: the carrier cut a deal with Broadcom that will allow Qualcomm-based 3G phones to be brought into the U.S. market for sale. In case you missed it in early June,  Broadcom won an injunction against Qualcomm for patent infringement. The result of that court order was that no new Qualcomm-based handset models could be imported into the U.S. Qualcomm attempted to work a deal with Broadcom that would pay the company $6 per handset, but Broadcom turned that offer down. Ironically, Verizon Wireless was able to work the same deal with Broadcom directly: $6 for every handset imported up to $200 million in total.

Could this pave the way for the HTC Mogul to quickly appear on Verizon’s EV-DO Rev. A network? I figured that model phone would be exempt from the ban since Sprint was already selling it, but I’m unsure. At least this is one less hurdle for the Mogul to appear as the XV 6800.

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