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Keeping It Real with Sarcastic Gamer

“The future is here,” intones the narrator. “And it’s not an iPhone — it’s a big-ass table.” Using the visual from a Microsoft-made promotional video for its upcoming Surface device, Jeromy “Doc” Adams of Sarcastic Gamer hit on a nerve for a particularly tech geeky segment, which has been awed by the Surface demo complete with its original voice-over. His parody has been viewed nearly 800,000 times on YouTube.

And Adams did it again this week with a hilarious take on the Wii Fit, an upcoming Nintendo product that looks kind of like a bathroom scale and registers changes in weight to mimic soccer, dancing, yoga, and hula-hooping actions.

“Don’t want to invest $3.19 on a hula hoop? Why not pick up a Wii for just $300 and enjoy the same fun, but in the comfort of your living room without that annoying plastic hoop.”

Adams told NewTeeVee on Friday that both parodies were improvisations. “It’s all done in real time, not written ahead of time,” he said. “I just said what was on my mind as I was watching.”

Sarcastic Gamer is a brand-new site Adams started in June, with the intention, he said, of getting the gaming world to take itself less seriously. It also contains forums, fake news stories, more parodies, and a podcast. Adams’ full-time job is as a creative services director for radio stations in Houston, so his expertise is more with sound than video. For other parodies — like one about the Sony PlayStation called “How to Kill Your Brand” to the tune of the Fray’s “How to Save a Life” — Adams only recorded audio. And in the absense of visuals, fans stepped up and made videos for the songs.

Geek humor, though limiting, is not a bad market to be in, and we’ve been amused by recent clips from the likes of Randi Zuckerberg and David Pogue.

Sarcastic Gamer itself isn’t a ratings hit yet, but it’s been seen up to 23,000 uniques per day, and now has 1,100 RSS subscribers and 400 forum members. If Adams can keep being this funny, though, people will come back. And for his next project? “It’s a gadget and it’s been in the news a lot lately,” was all he would say. Hmm, what could that be?

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